September 6, 2014


About Me

I specialize in brazilian waxing. It is my most requested service and I have helped many clients regain their confidence after a bad waxing experience. You won’t find my wax pot dripping with wax, a sticky floor in my room or dirty white sheets covering the table. No looking as if the last client climbed off and you were invited to climb on.  You won’t find me busy on my cell phone or in a rush to do your waxing.  Certainly, you won’t see me start your waxing without first putting on gloves.  And you won’t find me double dipping into the wax pot.

I am an inviting esthetician who is happy to see you, be it your first visit or your 20th.  You will be educated on how to care for your skin. I will teach you what types of things should be done before and after waxing.  As a “waxpert” you will notice that I am accomplished in Brazilian waxing and if I may say so myself…I am GREAT at it!

You will also notice that I will always break out my tweezers (unless you don’t want me to) and look for any hairs that “thought” they could hide from the wax!  And I promise you will love your service.  Because, if you don’t, I will do everything in my power to make right anything you think may have gone wrong.

About Christine Smith, Esthetician

My faAbout Christine Smith Estheticianmily and I packed our bags and left the Emerald Coast temporarily in 2005 to pursue other goals and returned in 2013 to continue on our path of coastal living. While away I was a successful Esthetician in an award winning day spa in North Carolina specializing in facials, peels and brazilian waxing. Over 14 years I have been a licensed aesthetician. I graduated from Destin’s Soothing Arts School of Healing Therapies. You will find me skilled in all aspects of waxing and skin care. During your session with me you will really get the feeling that I care about your results. You wil know what you can do at home to prolong them. You will also leave with the confidence that will enable you to look your best between treatments.