February 3, 2018

Clear Skin Acne Program

Face Reality is proven to have your acne under control in approximately 10-12 weeks without the use of prescription drugs. This program is not easy, but it’s worth it. It requires time and commitment and you must remember that it is a control, not a cure. Your compliance to the program is crucial to it’s success!

Your “Getting Started” appointment is the first step to achieving clear skin. Approximately 45-60 minutes $50

If you purchase your product protocol during your “Getting Started” appointment I will deduct the $50 fee from the cost. You will not see results if you do not follow recommended home care therefore it is a requirement to join the program. You can expect to pay $150-$175 for your first full kit which will last approximately 8-12 weeks depending upon usage. After the initial visit, you will only need to purchase 1 or 2 new products at a time or replenish products as you run out of them.

**Please arrive for your appointment makeup free

**You must be off Accutane for at least 60 days, off any prescription or over the counter TOPICAL facial medicines for at least three weeks, before you can begin the acne program. These drugs cause heightened sensitivity in the skin, and the products and treatments would be too strong. Once you start the program you will only be using the Face Reality products no exceptions!

During this appointment we will:

  • Do some paperwork
  • Discuss your prior experiences with skincare
  • Discuss lifestyle issues
  • Analyze your acne
  • Take “before” pictures
  • Test your skin
  • Develop your custom home care routine
  • Show you exactly how to use the products
  • Make your first treatment appointment

Home Care must be used for 2 weeks prior to any treatments.

What you do at home is going to be the most important part of getting clear and staying clear. Having treatments every 2 weeks is also critical. While you are in for your treatments I will make any necessary adjustments to your home care. Generally you will need 6-8 treatments but it all depends upon your compliance to the program.

Clear Skin Acne Treatments 30-45 minutes $50